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Aromatic Chemical Product:
  Menthol product
  Essential Oil
  Musk Product
  Aromatic chemical
  Heterocyclic Aromatic Chemicals
  Natural Color & Plant Extract
  Charom Spa Product
Shanghai Charoma is specially engaged in the production and commercial business of Aromatic Chemicals; Menthol product; Essential oil ; Food additive;Herbs Extract (Such as Gingko Biloba, Green Tea Extract) & Natural color. Intermediates and Spa product.
We have launched import & export for many years, Please contact us to purchase above goods by E-mail or telephone calls etc.
We mainly import Aromatic chemicals from fellow international Corp. such as Kalpsutra; Privi; IFF,Giv.;Firmenich; Symrise; Zeon; Kao,; Kerry; CA, etc.
As a professional manufacturer, conform the value of high quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery and good services …+MORE
  Quality Control
ADD: Room 1504 Building A, Oasis Plaza No.3064 Zhong Shan Road(N) Shanghai, 200063 , China
Contact: Mr. Jimbo Xu
Mobile: +86-13916630532
TEL:  +86-21-52510638
FAX: +86-21-52510638 
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